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Smart Signage

Captivate customers through visually-compelling content

Professional Display QMN Series   85” 98”

  • Intelligent Picture Quality

  • Embedded MaicINFO S6 backed by TIZEN OS

  • Enhanced Security and Remote Management

Smart Signage QHR Series 49" 55" 65" 75"

  • UHD Upscaling Technology

  • Dynamic Crystal Color

  • 4K Picture Quality

LCD videowalls create a unique large-format viewing experience, elevating any business setting. Every screen is factory calibrated, giving you uniform alignment, brightness and color right out of the box. And our Extreme and Ultra Narrow bezel widths help audiences focus on your content, not the display.

Narrow bezel

Extremely narrow bezel for a virtually seamless, life-like viewing experience to keep audiences focused on content rather than the display itself.

*Only applicable to certain models

Hassle-free installation

Easy installation to hold each display in place without distracting viewers. No need to dismantle the entire video wall should one specific section require adjustment.

Factory calibration

A multi-step factory calibration process ensures high-performing uniform brightness and color consistency, preventing studios from having to waste time and energy making adjustments.*Only applicable to certain models

Outdoor & Window

Outdoor and window communication requires stronger, more versatile signage. Samsung displays feature high brightness, toughness in extreme conditions and simplified content sharing. They're everything you need to reach customers beyond the storefront.

An all-encompassing design

A completely integrated, self-contained ultra-slim display with an embedded power box, housed in an impact-resistant enclosure and thermally protected by a patent-pending filterless and steady cooling system

Clear and consistent visibility

High 2,500-nit brightness, an auto brightness sensor that optimizes brightness, Samsung’s circular polarizing technology and 5,000:1 contrast ratio (3,000:1 for 85" display) all work together to deliver highly-visible messages even in direct sunlight.*OHD, OHD, OMD-W series only

Robust durability

Samsung Full Outdoor displays are IP56 certified to withstand dust, water, rain, snow, sleet, and corrosion while the Magic protects against vandalism.*Full Outdoor series only.

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