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SEO & ASO Optimization


Meercado is one of the most well-known LOCAL SEO service company and serves different countries globally. We help you get on the first page of a Google page, with our guaranteed Google Ranking packages. We have retained the title of the best internet marketing agency in Dubai and have been instrumental in providing a wide array of search engine optimization services for the last 7 years. We offer several Search Engine Optimization packages and digital marketing services catering to every type of budget. Our optimization services are backed with a guaranteed google first page ranking! Regardless of your industry or business type, all our Digital Marketing Packages and Google marketing packages have been designed keeping different SEO requirements in mind. If you have an existing website that is ranking low, fix a meeting with our SEO experts and we can provide you with the best search engine optimization consulting services in the UAE.

Grow your ranking on Search with the Best SEO Company in Dubai, UAE

  • Competitor analysis- We conduct a complete SWOT Analysis for your business that is Strengths: what your business strengths are and how you can use that strength wisely to attain profits.
    Weaknesses imply what your business is lacking and how can you fix them. Opportunities- we conduct a complete competitor analysis and find out loops for improvisation and opportunities to stand ahead of the competition.

  • Threats- There can be potential threats to your website from an external website as well as by your own. We analyze each and every aspect of your website.

  • Improvement in site conversion- Our skilled professionals apply their company expertise to help your website generate quality traffic by giving your website a company revamp and makeover. We help you turn visitors into paying customers.

  • SEO audits- If your website looks fine and works perfectly well but does not deliver any leads or rank on Google, you have a massive problem. Uss21 conducts a complete website performance Audit in order to find out the weakness as to why your website is not performing efficiently. We also provide you with solutions and remedies to overcome this situation. That is why we provide the best SEO solution in Dubai.

  • Reputation Management- If you google your name or your business name and see a lot of negative content written about it, chances are your peers and businesses you deal with also do the same. This ruins your reputation. Our Corporate Reputation Management services, help you regulate the content you see online about your business. We also help hide a lot of the negative results from the Google search engines and manage your SERPs to make sure only the good news stays on top and all the bad news links are either taken out or pushed to the bottom of the Google Rankings. We optimize your website so as to earn a reliable position on search engine platforms.

  • Amplify Brand Awareness- Our content team, as well as search and digital marketing professionals, work hand in hand so as to device relevant keyword rich content such that, search engine crawlers fetch your content and display it on the first page of the engine results. This cause’s brand awareness as maximum traffic is generated from Google result pages.

  • Improve overall website ranking- Our experts at Prism are well versed and updated with the latest industry online promotion trends in the market. Therefore, we help you implement the latest content marketing strategies that help you rank on search engines. We make use of two methods; organic as well as paid advertising methods. (SEM)

  • Internal link optimization- There is a very important connection between links and online engines. Google uses links to find out what content is on your page. Links whether internal or external provides a structure to your website and guess what?
    The search engine loves that.

  • Onsite image optimization- Ever wondered that a non-optimized image may be the factor why your site is ranking low and its page load time is increased? Image SEO stands for reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load speed remains low.

  • Content creation and optimization- Think about this, the basic job of an online engine is to provide accurate and helpful information. If your website's content does not add value to the audience why would a search engine recommend your site?
    At USS21, a top SEO company in Dubai, our content marketing and multilingual content writing team work hand in hand so as to deliver valuable and SEO friendly content.

  • Improve on page prominence– High page load time, disorganized website agriculture, lack of accurate content can be the cause of customer withdrawals as these lower your website performance. At Prism Digital, we harness our collective insight and immense expertise in the field of Search Engine Marketing and website ranking and can help you revamp your website and assure a low load time for your website.

Research and Keyword


We study in detail not only about your company offerings and audience but also about your competitors in the market. Based on your industry and company offerings, our search team conducts analysis for keywords that best suit our business. Based on your end objective, our team of specialist search managers devises a bespoke plan of action for you.

Onsite/ Site Optimization

If we are building a website for you from scratch, we build only Search Optimization Services friendly websites, thus helping you to rank higher as you launch. If you have an existing website and need a revamp, we use a combination of SEO techniques to improve your existing position on the Google ranking page.

Content marketing and Off-Page Optimization

we make sure that your content is properly marketing and we have a defined link building strategy in place to aid in rank building.  At USS21, we take into consideration both inbound as well as outbound link building as a part of our SEO Consulting Services.

Reporting and Analysis

We continuously analyze your website to check for its ranking, bug testing, etc. Our website analysis team considers factors such as content, linking structure, social media presence, and search engine marketing, Based on this, they provide a consolidated monthly report as per your business requirements.

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