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Meercado is one of the most experienced SEO agencies in UAE. We use our expertise to create a database of relevant keywords and produce content to target them. This will help you expand online presence and reach new visitors via organic search engine traffic.


We create SEO optimised content for our clients that click with the target audience and improve search engine visibility. We continuously research keywords and optimise your website to stay abreast of search engine best practices.



We can create a database of all the relevant keywords, related terms and search terms people use to find companies like yours.


Unlike other agencies, we don’t just look at Google Keyword Planner. We use multiple tools and strategies to find keywords to optimise your website content.




We optimise all elements on your website for SEO to ensure it ranks as soon as possible. We use the right keywords, optimise the images so that they load fast, provide image alt text, video descriptions and tags, and create internal links for navigation.


We prepare meta tags for all website pages, keeping in mind the search engines and the searchers to ensure a high click-through rate.




Our efforts are not limited to your website. We can add your company details along with website link to all relevant local and regional business directories.


We can also do guest posts with backlinks to your website on popular, high domain authority websites.




We set up Google Search console to index your new pages faster and check which keywords you are ranking for. We also set up Google Analytics to understand how traffic flows through your website, which pages have high bounce rate, which pages have high visits and so on.


This information helps us further optimise our SEO efforts to ensure bounce rate is low and time spent on website is high.We keep adding and improving the SEO on and off your website so that you are able to rank for more keywords and improve your search result rankings.



Let us run Google Ads and Bing Ads campaign to put your business ahead of your competitors. We create unique landing pages which have everything a visitor needs to take action and become a lead or customer. Our ads run not only on Google, but across the search network and YouTube.


With the right budget, we can make video ads that play before the start of or in between a video or, and responsive display ads that display after someone visits your website. We can create remarketing ads for people who visit your website but did not take any action. A combination of all these ads allows you to maximise the reach of your business across the web.



Getting a quote is simple. Just use the quote form below, select all the branding and marketing strategy services you need, and that’s it.


One of our representatives will send you the quote via email and get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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Business Bay, Dubai


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