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3 Main Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting You Any Results


Is your website not living up to its potential? Are you not able to get any return on investment from it?

It's true that internet has changed the way businesses do, well, business. However, not every company is able to capitalise on the potential that the internet offers. One piece of internet real estate where business may suffer is the website.

If your business website is not performing well, you're not alone. But why is that the case?

Well there are 3 major factors that come into play if your business website is not living up to its potential. Making the appropriate changes to the design, marketing, and sales strategies can help you get the ROI you want.

1) Poor User Experience

website template

You only have 5 seconds, 8 at most, to get the attention of the website visitor. If your website is not offering the visitor a good reason to stay in that time, you won't get conversions, even with good traffic.

Whether your website takes forever to load, or has a 90s style user interface, people will leave it faster than you can say 'wait'.

Poor user experience is bad news in more ways than one. If your website is not mobile friendly and takes ages to load, it will be penalised with a low ranking in Google search results. In addition, if users have a hard time navigating through your website, they won't visit it again.

To solve this, get a professional website redesign that focuses on simplicity and functionality. Involve people who are not involved in your business to review the website and provide honest feedback. This will help you identify issues before going live.

2) No Search Engine Optimisation


If you want to get your AC repaired, what do you do? You look for AC repair services in your area.

How do you do that? Google of course, unless you enjoy spending time on phone directories.

Now as an AC repair service, you want to make sure your website top search results in Google. Without search engine optimisation, or SEO, you can’t make it to the first page of search engines.

As the competition increases, ignoring SEO can get your website downgraded to pages that most internet users don't even know exist. If you want to get started with SEO, keep these four points in mind:

  1. Use relevant keywords across the website.

  2. Use location based keywords to improve your local search rankings.

  3. Add meta title, description, and tags on all pages of the website.

  4. Produce engaging and SEO friendly content to improve rankings.

Good SEO can help you drive quality traffic to your website. However, if your call to action is weak, you won't be able to convert visitors into buyers.

3) Weak Call to Action

call to action

As far as sales are concerned, a call to action (CTA) is the most important part of your website. Think of it as the push an interested visitor needs to become a paying customer. So if your CTA doesn’t pack a punch, you will likely lose a potential customer to your competitor.

Using a one size fits all approach to CTA doesn’t work. For example, a blog on ‘3 Ways to Prepare Your AC for the Summer’ would have a CTA like this:

Want to get your AC fixed before the summer heat kicks in? Contact us today for a free estimate.”

For a landing page about used ACs, this CTA wouldn’t really work, but something like this would:

“Buying a new AC can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Buy a used AC in good condition and better rates from us today!”

See the difference? The CTA for the blog is presenting an option, while the CTA for the landing page is encouraging the visitor to buy. Focus on delivering the right message on different pages of your site to maximise conversions.

If your website is not performing well, it's time to shake things up. Give Meercado Portal a chance and we'll make your website realise its true potential with web design, SEO and content marketing services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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