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Project Management is a discipline of initiating, planning, coordination, executing, and managing resources with the goal of completing specific deliverables within budget and time.

It is a systematic process to ensure that buildings perform according to the design and to the owner’s operational requirements.

We offer following listed MEP services

  1. HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning

  2.  Electrical – HT & LT

  3.  Plumbing – Internal & External Plumbing

  4. Fire Protection system

  5. BMS- Building Management System

With a joint venture with professional and well-reputable MEP companies we are a solution provider. We do everything to facilitate parties such as negotiation with competitive price, cost-effective alternative, on-time delivery and services, obstacle during project execution, a mediator between clients (Owner, Main Contractor, and Main Consultant).


For many construction projects, large-scale projects must be completed smoothly, without interruptions. That’s why we provide a super service that works to prevent issues before they escalate. 

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  • Caring out detailed planning and scheduling and co-ordinated with internal& external partners to ensure execution of projects as per the defined technical & functional specifications.

  • Coordination between clients, users, consultants, designers, manufacturers, vendors, agencies, contractors, govt. Organizations etc.

  • Reviewing electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection & low side works concept reports, designs and drawings received from main consultants.

  • Establishing estimated time for project realization as per client (management) specification.

  • Conducting project review meetings for status updates with architects & consultants.

  • Reviewing tender drawings and cost estimates received from the consultants and monitoring their conformity with government regulations and bye laws.

  • Interpretation & review of system drawings, identifying anomalies related to tender requirements and to raise queries for the same. Check and prepare detailed estimates for various services.

  • Maintaining a tracking system for current and future activities.

  • Independent review and quality monitoring of the progress of projects

  • Periodical visits to the site at all stages of project execution

  • Preparation of standard check lists covering various activities and submission of the performance report to the client

  • Review test reports on materials, that are tested by the contractor, as stated in the individual contract documents.

  • Select additional materials on random basis for independent testing.

  • Incorporate results in periodic testing reports and contract monitoring report.

  • Monitoring the quality of workmanship.

  • Develop and prepare a comprehensive quality assurance/quality control manual and provide copies to all implementing agencies and update as required.

  • Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for MEP works based on tender drawings and design data provided by design consultants.

  • Preparing draft tender documents for MEP works.

  • Approving draft tender documents from client, architect / interior designer and structural consultant if required.

  • Finalizing tender documents incorporating comments.

  • Invitation of tenders for specified works.

  • Analyzing received bids, handling negotiations and recommendation.

  • Coordinating with MEP services consultant, architects, RCC consultant, landscaping consultant, vendors and contractors for their inputs to finalize GFC drawings.

  • Conducting review meetings with consultant & architect for co-ordination drawings.

  • Release of GFC and co-ordination drawings & keep record for revisions.

  • Manage to collect all closeout documents from all contractors and vendors for clients’ future references.

  • Get all the operations and maintenance manuals for all products and equipment.

  • Collect all guarantees and warranties for all the requested materials.

  • Arrange training for the owners for operating equipment through manufacturers / suppliers.

  • Approve monthly progress invoices and advise client for payments.

  • Approve schedule of rates for change/extra items of works.

  • Project Budget tracking

  • Identify Changes & Evaluate cost impact of changes.

  • Prepare budget and get monthly update and variation report.

  • Monitor cost estimates & Optimization of cost

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