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With our extensive experience and deep knowledge we can assure comfortable Smart Home in your property.

Lighting Control – On/Off

Control the office lighting smartly through Moorgen Application that can be installed in your mobile devices and smart switches.

You can on/off the lights according to your request. Its also possible to achieve the warm lighting depends on your mood.

Location of Air Condition Control

Thermostat with Smart Switch shall control both lights and air condition.

It will give you different scenario like controlling the curtain, etc.

Smart Thermostat with Smart Switch

Spotlights, chandelier lights etc. can be controlled by smart switch that if you hold it in your hand you will be impressed by its smooth body and clear details.

Smart Thermostat with Smart Switch will control both lights and air condition.

This device will give you scenario like opening and closing the curtain, etc.

Standalone Motion Sensor
Energy efficiency is possible in the scenario where lights

will only be activated once there is motion.

Main Control Unit

It is the most important part of the system, it integrates the host, gateway and modules and makes the system works smartly.

iPad shall be provided by the customer for downloading the main application.

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