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Fitout Management

Fitout management is a growing area where specialised expertise plays an important role. Through the skills used every day within our project management division, we have adapted these skills to fitout management, delivering the same quality of service.  Although many smaller residential fitout projects don't generally require specialised management larger residential, commercial, office, medical, veterinary, and industrial fitouts often do.

 In such projects SPMA regularly assist our clients with the following services:

  • Management of consultant teams including preparation of Consultant Briefs and obtaining of Fee Proposals.

  • Programming of works from conception to completion.

  • Preparation of Scopes/Specifications for fitout works.

  • Assessments of Council Consent requirements.

  • Tendering of projects to suitable fitout Contractors.

  • Review of tenders.

  • Drafting of contracts.

  • Assistance with relocations and temporary facilities to keep businesses functioning during the project.

  • Superintendent duties overseeing fitout works.

  • Final inspections and signoffs.

  • Post completion defect inspections.

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Site Inspections & Reporting

Our services are geared to cater to the specific circumstances of any building. In order to meet the needs of our Clients we divide our site inspection services into different categories. If the Client is considering carrying out a full building inspection rather than just addressing individual elements we suggest that we meet to discuss your objectives before we decide which inspection / reporting service best addresses your needs. Like all SPMA projects, this initial meeting would be at no cost to the Client.

Building Condition Report (BCR) -  A BCR is generally the first step in any full building report. This is a process of inspecting either the whole building or an agreed and appropriate percentage of the building to provide the Client with an accurate guide to the possible problems in a building. We use protocols and templates refined by SPMA to inspect the critical elements as well as using our structural / building expertise to identify potentially unique problems to the subject property. The report is presented as a written document with photos and discussion on identified defects. A BCR is appropriate for dilapidated buildings, buildings with systemic issues (where a BCR can identify other issues that should be given budgetary or other consideration when rectifying systemic defects), buildings with fire orders, buildings considering major works.

Home Warranty Inspection (HWI) - Prior to the expiration of a Home Warranty Insurance Policy on a recently constructed building (after 2 years, 6 years, 7 years) we recommend an inspection to assess any defects that may be claimable. A significant process is involved in making a claim so an inspection should be scheduled at least 3 months ahead of any expiration. The report is written in format and needs to access all areas. Usually a schedule is made of multiple defects with photos and discussion of each type.

Defect Liability Inspection (DLI) - In a construction contract there is usually a defect liability period (typically 12 months). before the expiration of that timetable we would recommend an inspection and brief report for the original contractor to rectify. The report is usually a schedule only with photos. A brief letter to the contractor requesting rectification is also provided.

Litigation Compliant Defect Report (LCDR) - This is a full inspection made under the instruction of solicitors. Typically this involves full access and preparation of a comprehensive report detailing defects, causes, scopes of repair and reasoning. It will also involve a review of all available documents relating to the construction. 

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Tender Review service enables you to take the guess work out of your decision. We will prepare your scope of works and issue the tender to reputable construction firms and then evaluate the tenders in detail. We will then present you with an assessment of each tender enabling you to have comprehensive information before deciding on who will handle your next project.



Meercado believe that the success of any case depends not only on the quality of the team but the strategy employed to achieve the end goal. In any game of strategy, conventional theory and game theory varies. Owners to look forward to how a matter might resolve before reasoning back to achieve the resolution. In litigation it is very straight forward to have "moral victories" but it is also easy to win the battle but lose the war. No step to litigation should be taken lightly. The nature of the matter needs to be clearly understood along with potential rights and remedies before a strategy can be developed.

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