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Meercado Portal, is one of the United Marketing Group EMG. EMG is a group of integrated companies with various commercial and investment industries. EMG is established in United Arab Emirates in 2001 to cover the markets in the field of contracting, real estate development, general trading, health and manufacturing.m.  Of international stature and character. Our various services are intelligently integrated in order to meet the requirements of our agents, from the smallest to multi-field projects.  

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Our Mision


Creating an integrated work environment, by investing in the highest human competencies and expertise, by the latest technologies, engineering and scientific systems applied globally, to keep a smart pace which feeds the requirements of the local and global markets at once.

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Our Vision


Successful planning, accurate implementation, innovative performance, high quality, and great credibility are our work standards that enhance our leadership in integrated services in many economic and investment fields.

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Our Value


 The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern, high professional quality, credibility and honesty, transparency and clarity, innovation and creativity, speed of performance and implementation, developing the skills of the company's technical and administrative staff.

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 The United Marketing Group emphasizes the quality factor, as each employee is keen to adhere to the highest levels of quality in every process of the company's various activities.  EMG has implemented a large number of projects using the latest international technologies and the highest specifications and requirements in terms of quality, relying on a full and highly qualified team dedicated to following up on the international standards.

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